T20, T40 Grain Conveyors

T20 and T40 grain elevators are constructed from standard elements which by combinations may be easily adapted to any silo plant. They are characterized by large capacity in spite of small external dimensions, easy and quick mounting, as all parts are assembled by means of bolt flanges, and effective utilization of the conveyor length. The outlet has been placed in such a height that only about .30 cm is lost from the upper point to the lower edge of the outlet flange, and the inlet has been placed completely at the bottom.
The elevators are all steel and fitted with a heavy duty roller chain onto which rubber carriers are riveted. They are working effectively in all positions from vertical down to 45°, and power consumption is very low compared to their capacity.
T20 and T40 are constructed of an elevator head with motor brackets and gear, elevator bottom and various extensions for desired operation range. Extensions are available from .125 m up to 2.5 m and by combinations of these elevator lengths from 3 m up to 18 m may be achieved in steps of .125 m.
The chain elevators may further combine vertical and horizontal conveyance by using side augers in trough. These are operated by the lower shaft of the elevator so that elevator and side auger are driven by the same motor. Among other things this offers possibilities of establishing a dump pit of a rather high cubic contents without the necessity of going too far into the ground. Side augers are supplied in lengths from 0.5 m to 2.5 m with 0.25 m intermediate pieces and assembled to the desired length, max. 10 m to either side, by means of flanges.
The auger runs in a steel box fitted with a P.V.C. cover acting as a carrying bearing for the auger. The trough is covered by a superstructure that may stand grain dumping. The side augers are supplied in diameters of 90 mm and 135 mm. Capacities 9 t/h and 20 t/h/ respectively.

T 20, Grain Elevator
Capacity: 20 ton/hour

the outlet is provided with a 125 x 125 mm sliding flange affording easy additional mounting of revolving spouts, tiltable outlets, two or three way distributors, square bends, square tubes, or the like. A vacuum cleaner may be mounted on T 20 and operated by the motor of the elevator. The vacuum cleaner is of a moderate length and only about. 25 cm discharge height is lost. The suction may be adjusted and the blow pipe direction may be altered up to 360°. The vacuum cleaner is very effective in removing particles of dust, chaff, etc.
When a side auger in trough is used, always use a trough under the elevator. The elevator bottom must be fit for the size of side auger in question, i.e. either 90 mm or 135 mm diameter. T 20 can be supplied by 290 mm side augers at a time, but only by one 135 mm side auger at a time.

Recommendable motor sizes (1,400 r.p.m.) with vacuum cleaner:

    Max. 5 m Max. 1 x 10 m
  Max. 5 m 135 mm auger 135 mm auger
Elevator 90 mm auger or 10 m 90 mm or max. 2 x 5
height loaded from auger loaded mm 90 mm
  one side from one side auger both
3.0 - 4.5 m 1.5 HP 2.0 HP 3.0 HP
5.0 - 7.5 m 2.0 HP 3.0 HP 4.0 HP
8.0 - 10.5 m 3.0 HP 4.0 HP 5.5 HP
11.0 - 13.5 m 4.0 HP 5.5 HP 7.5 HP
14.0 - 18.0 m 5.5 HP 7.5 HP  

T 20 - 10 m: 214 kilos + 20 kilos per meter
Capacity: 17% barley
6 t/h: Natural input and with double sliding damper. Possibly a 900 r.p.m. motor.
6 t/h: input from one side, natural, or with an 0.5 m auger without propeller. Diam. 90 mm
9 t/h: Input from one side auger in trough. Diam. 90 mm.
10 t/h: Input from one side with feed propeller of 0.5 m auger with propeller. Diam. 90 mm
12 t/h: Natural input from two sides, or two 0.5 m augers without propeller. Diam. 90 mm.
t/h: Input 90 mm diam. side auger in trough from both sides. t/h: Input from both sides with feed propeller, or 0.5 m auger with propellers. Diam 90mm.
20 t/h: Input from one side with 135 mm diam. side auger in trough.

T 40, Grain Elevator
Capacity: 40 ton/hour

The outlet is provided with a 180 x 180 mm flange offering easy mounting of the special tube system for 40 ton/hour. Among the accessories may be mentioned: tiltable spouts, two and three way branches, square bends, flap boxes, and square tubes in various lengths.
The high capacity makes the T 40 well suited for filling and emptying of larger batteries of silos, where a considerable capacity/hour is desirable. Fitted on a portable frame it is particularly suited for floor drying systems.
T 40 is using the same 135 mm diam. side auger as T 20 and may be supplied from both sides simultaneously. "Trough under elevator" and "Coupling with propeller" must always be used in connection with side augers in trough.


Recommendable motor sizes (1,400 r.p.m.) for barley 17%, seed and the like.

  about. 20 t/h about. 20 t/h about. 40 t/h
Elevator inlet from one inlet from one 2 propellers
height side up to 4 m side max. 10 m or max. 2 x 2 m
  auger auger auger
3.0 - 5.0 m 2 HP 3 HP 3 HP
5.5 - 8.0 m 3 HP 4 HP 4 HP
8.5 - 13.0 m 4 HP 5.5 HP 5.5 HP
13.5 - 18.0 m 5.5 HP 7.5 HP 7.5 HP

T40 - 10 m: 272 kilos + 25 kilos per m. Capacity: 17 % barley.
20 t/h: Input from one side with 135 mm diam. side auger in trough.
40 t/h: Input from both sides with 135 mm diam. side augers in trough.